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A Woman's Point of View

A Woman's Point of View
Once a woman has a child or aging simply starts to take effect, they experience changes in their vagina and body that decrease their ability to experience and feel with the same sensitivity that they once used to. When a woman is pregnant her body prepares itself for the childbirth by releasing the hormone, Relaxin, which loosens the vagina tissues and muscles. Of course when the actual birth occurs, the vagina naturally expands to allow for the child’s release. These changes in the vagina dilute the tightness that is necessary for both men and woman to experience satisfying sexual pleasure. Nothing will help to increase that lost pleasure more than a sustained, firmer erection.

Orexis™ gives men a quality erection for the needed friction to help their sexual partner achieve the female orgasm. This heightened friction between the vagina and the penis also enhances the quality and reality of the male orgasm.

"My wife ordered this product for me several months ago and I really didn't want to try it at first because I didn't see anything wrong with our sex life. Now that I have tried Orexis, I didn't know what I was missing out on. This product is great and has definitely saved our marriage. I just placed my second order on this product and will continue to use it for years to come... I would definitely recommend this product to everyone I know. It is great!!!!!! Also try the Orexia for women, the two work hand in hand together!" -John

"I am a 33 year old college student and mother of three wonderful kids. About 18 months ago I was in a motor vehicle accident that could have ended my life. Since the wreck I had a very hard time achieving an orgasm of any kind with my partner. I went to my Doctor and they tried a couple of approaches to no avail. I received a e-mail about Orexis and Orexia and we decided to try them both. I figured it had to be worth a try. It was and continues to be, I finally "found" my G spot again after beginning to think it was lost forever somehow. My partner doesn't have to "work" to get me to a climax. This cream has helped me tremendously and the Orexis has been a big boost to my partner's libido too. He was lacking in confidence (with reason) and had lost most of his sensitivity, now he is very much feeling everything that we do together! Thank you so much for taking the time to create such products to improve our sex lives! I always thought I enjoyed sex but now it is even better!" -Sherry

"I have definitely been enjoying the improvement in our sex life since I ordered the Orexis for my man. His drive is incresed. He is harder and lasts longer. It makes our sex more passionate and our climaxes more intense. Thank you for this wonderful enhancing product!" -Jessica

"Great product. Brought our sex life back to the beginning! Thanks." -Catherine

"My boyfriend brought back a supply of Orexis from a recent visit to the States. I can vouch for the fact that his libido has increased, we're in our 30's and used to make love just a couple of times a week but now it's 4 or 5 times. I don't know if his erections are! bigger now as he's pretty big down there anyway - but he definately stays big and hard right from the start, so to be honest (hope this doesn't sound too crude)he makes me cum like a bunny! I've always been aware that my boyfriend tends to ejeculate rather a lot of sperm, presumably because of having a big penis, and I've noticed he still ejeculates as much as before, even if we make love 3 or 4 nights running, so maybe you ought to give your customers' wives and girlfriends some advice about contraception! Satisfied customer!!" -Stacey M.

"I was a little embarrassed to offer my dear husband a supplement to enhance our vigorous and healthy love life, however he is an adventurous gentleman. Since taking the supplement for a month, we notice it has added a new dimension to an already wonderful relationship! I am looking forward to trying Orexia based on the efficacy of your Orexis product." -Carol S.

"I would like to warmly thank you for the little blue pill [OREXIS]. On my word the night I took the two little bullets just like recommended. After about 1/2 hour my Passion was unstoppable in the foreplay action my fiance Shaundeen never experienced an orgasm in her whole life but thanks to the little blue bullet she had multi-orgasms and I lasted for over 5 hours - what a time of are lives. Thank You for Making A Top Shelf Product. P.S. My wife Shaundeen as of Aug 25 2005 said she would never marry a man that could not give hear a real orgasm. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME GET MARRIED." -Curtis and Shaundeen

"My husband used Orexis for the last two months and it has been wonderful. Thank you all so much for helping us to have a happier life all the way around…" -Brandy