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Trikke 67S-SV
Trikke 67S-SVTrikke 67S-SV

The All New Redesigned Trikke 67

Item #:Trikke-67S
Regular Price:$229.99
Sale Price:$183.99
The new Trikke T67 replaces the Trikke T6 Sport, with a completely redesigned frame, braking system, handlebars, folding mechanism, and the added ability to not only mount 6" polyurethane wheels, but 7" polyurethane wheels as well. This is the perfect ride for older children or small adults. A Trikke provides a stable 3-point platform that leans into the turn with the rider while all three wheels remain in contact with the ground.

Great for kids ages 8 to 15!


  • For riders 8 to 15 years old
  • 6" polyurethane wheels on back and a 7" polyurethane wheel on front
  • Back Wheels upgradeable to 7" polyurethane wheels
  • Maximum rider weight limit 200lbs.  The Trikke can handle heavier weights but the rider assumes all risk.
  • New and easier to use folding mechanism
  • Collapsible frame for easy storage
  • Quick Release handle bar - Adjusts from 40" to 47" (102cm-119cm)
  • Dual Independent Rear Brakes
  • Patented High Performance Cambering System
  • Steel Construction for durability
  • 99% Pre-Assembled
  • Only assembly required is mounting the front fork and handle bars