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Stories & Testimonials from Tilley Hat owners:

"Elephant trainer Michael Hackenberger of the Bowmanville (Ontario) Zoo, had his Tilley Hat snatched from his head and eaten by an elephant. Three times. Michael later would find and pick up his Hat, wash it thoroughly, and wear it. He had declined to accept a new Tilley Hat in order that we may have his well-traveled Tilley for our museum. (We were secretly pleased!)" Alex Tilley, Ontario

"In the spring of 1991, I bought my Tilley in Waterton Park. For eight months I enjoyed it thoroughly. Then someone broke into my truck and took fishing gear and my dear Tilley Hat. In September 2001, I had a call from a railroad worker who said he had found my Hat in a rail car. My name and phone number were still in the Hat. Too bad this Hat can't talk. Like the proverbial cat, this Tilley came back." Don Fraser, Alberta

"My husband was going fishing. He put one foot on the edge of the boat and one foot on the dock, did the splits and went into the water. He was going down for the third time, when his brother came down the hill, saw the floating Tilley Hat, then saw his brother's hand. He ran, jumped in and pushed him up. Thanks to the Tilley Hat I still have my husband." Cecile Nöel, Ontario

"Never thought I would ever spend over $60 on a cotton hat. Also, never thought I would be writing you a letter telling you how glad I am that I did. It is absolutely the most comfortable and effective sun hat I have ever had. First, it is comfortable; second, the wide brims bent down in front and back shield both my eyes in front and my neck in back. Alex Tilley did a good job designing it." William F. Homer, Illinois

"During a recent trip to Tanzania I encountered a local gentleman who approached me wearing a Tilley Hat, but upside down on his head. When I suggested to him that it might be better the other way up, he replied: But my dear fellow, I'm not wearing it. I'm carrying it." David Francis, United Kingdom

"One of our customers described to me the following: A friend of mine was walking alone along a beach in Jamaica, wearing a Tilley Hat. Approaching him came a woman also wearing a Tilley Hat. 'It was the entrée to a glorious week-long affair' he told me." Alex Tilley, Ontario

"Best darn fishing Hat I've ever had (in over 40 years of fishing)! Would rather lose a fish than part with my venerable old Hat." Bill Wong, Ontario

"It's the best damn sailing hat in the entire world!" Yachting Know-it-all, Donald M. Street

"The Tilley Hat has lent me a subtle air of insouciance and élan which has hitherto eluded me." Johathan Willetts, Connecticut

"Since wearing the Tilley Hat, I've lost three strokes off my handicap." Harry Mannis, Toronto

"I was robbed of my autographed Tilley Hat at gunpoint... I must say that other than fearing for my life, I was extremely upset in losing my new hat... please send me a new 7-5/8 ASAP." Bob Chapman, Idaho

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