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New Q-Link Pebble Pendant Silver
New Q-Link Pebble Pendant SilverNew Q-Link Pebble Pendant Silver

New Q-Link Silver Pebble Pendant

Regular Price:$369.95
Sale Price:$295.96
Q-LINK SILVER PEBBLE The new Q-Link “Pebble” Pendant features an elegant oval sterling silver case, and features the new SRT-3 technology. It's a perfect accent for every occasion, from the most informal to the most elegant.

“It is my responsibility to make sure our horses are at their maximum potential for the owners on race day. In testing, the Q-Link has proven to me to significantly reduce the negative effects of stress, improve overall health and re-balance the functioning of the horses internal systems. To be at your natural sporting best, use Q-Link Products. We do. ”

- Bart Cummings

World-renowned horse trainer Inductee into the Racing Hall of Fame Winner of a Record 11 Melbourne Cups and 242 Group One Winners